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Explore the best Arduino WiFi projects to create a smart home and build innovative IoT devices. Learn how to connect your Arduino board to WiFi and unlock endless possibilities for automation and remote control.
Add WiFi to Arduino UNO : 3 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Add WiFi to Arduino UNO: Connect your mincrocontroller to the internet by adding ESP8266 WiFi Module! The ESP8266 Wifi module is a complete Wi­Fi network where you can easily connect as a serving Wi- Fi adapter, wireless internet access interface to any microcontroller­ bas…

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NRF24L01 Tutorial - Arduino Wireless Communication: In my last tutorial I created a NodeMCU based Duino Coin Miner. It is an awesome little miner that sits on my desk and mines few cents a day. However, adding these miners to my home network choked my WiFi router. Home Appliances and Smart Devi…

Renzo Gandolfi
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Learn how the build your own WiFi switch with the ESP module and how to control any appliance of your favorite place. What are WiFi Switches? Nowadays we are living in an Internet of Things age and WiFi Switches are basically the foundation of it. They are devices that can turn on, off or dim home appliances like lights, fans, etc remotely or autonomously, controlled by our cellphones, our voice, the room temperature or even weather reports. How do they work? They are based on wireless com

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My Old Phone + Arduino = Phonoduino: Hi, this is a project of my old Nokia 1100 phone and arduino mega. By using this many arduino and gsm based project is possible. The phone will work like a gsm module and you can sent message or call someone by using this phonoduino. You can also re…

Michael Bochortsch

LoRa Project With ESP8266 Arduino Control Relay: In this Lora project tutorial, I have shown how to make the LoRa Arduino ESP8266 control relay using the RYLR896 LoRa module with real-time feedback. So after turning on and off the appliances the receiver circuit will send feedback to the transmit…

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20 Unbelievable Arduino Projects: Here are twenty amazing Arduino projects that you almost wouldn't believe, if not for that they are the real deal. These authors have turned their wildest dreams into reality with the power of Arduino, an easy-to-use microcontroller development boar…

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