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Explore a wide selection of Asian antiques to add a touch of elegance and culture to your home decor. Find the perfect piece to enhance your living space and showcase your appreciation for Asian art and craftsmanship.
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An intriguing blend of artistry and practicality, these versatile remnants of times past have been sought after for centuries as trusted repositories for everything from tea to trinkets. Whether clad simply in unadorned wood or embellished with inlaid mother-of-pearl designs, they pique our curiosity about what lies within. Like a lovingly wrapped gift, antique boxes

Maria Eugenia Mayobre
19th century painting on linen from central Thailand, showing a scene from the Vessantara Jataka. Gift from Doris Duke’s Southeast Asian Art Collection. British Library Doris Duke, Century Painting, Southeast Asian Arts, Asian Art Museum, 19th Century Paintings, Thai Art, Southeast Asian, British Library, Types Of Painting

In December 2004, the British Library acquired a small number of Thai and Burmese manuscripts, wooden manuscript boards, manuscript chests and cabinets, as well as paintings, from Doris Duke’s Southeast Asian Art Collection. Doris Duke (1912-1993) assembled one of the finest collections of Thai and Burmese art outside Southeast Asia,...

Stefano Mirti
20th Century Hand Carved Japanese Dragon Vitrine Showcase Cabinet

About Heavily carved Japnese display cabinet featuring multiple dragons, top to bottom. The cabinet features a single, large glass door with 6 shelves inside and two drawers underneath. The cabinet and base come apart for easy moving. Showcase Overall Measurement: 100“ Tall X 53“ Wide X 20“ Deep Tall Crown Measurement: 25“ Tall X 53“ Wide X 3“ Deep Cabinet Only Measurement: 75“ Tall X 44“ Wide X 20“ Deep bkx1