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Learn how to create beautiful back stitch embroidery designs with our helpful tips and step-by-step tutorials. Get inspired and start stitching your own unique creations today.
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This page gives you an idea of how the reverse of the basic stitches looks like. As a beginner, we are curious to know how the reverse or the back-side should end up - just to make sure that we are stitching the right way. So, I have picked the...

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How to Backstitch - video tutorial

If you want to do hand embroidery, you really need to know how to backstitch. The backstitch is probably THE most common outline stitch. It gives a nice, smooth, continuous line. If you're going to be stitching tight curves make sure to use a shortish stitch length. Otherwise, just use a stitch length you're comfortable with and

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You've just completed a lovely piece of embroidered art but have decided that it is missing something - text! It can be so fun to add a favorite quote or name to your work, but what stitch should you use? Below I've included a look at my favorite hand embroidery stitches for lettering. Scroll down for information on ea

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So you want to learn how to back stitch. The back stitch is easily one of the most important hand embroidery stitches. It is great for outlining shapes, making lines, and stitching letters. It's also one of the easiest stitches to learn. I'll teach you how to back stitch with an easy video tutorial.

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