Bacon ice cream

Indulge in the unique combination of sweet and savory with these mouthwatering bacon ice cream recipes. Try these tempting treats and satisfy your cravings for something truly extraordinary.
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Hello again from bacon world. Nah, just kidding. But I am surrounded by bacon recipes at the moment. You'll be seeing another bacon recipe (from a different cookbook) here soon. You'll think I'm crazy, but as I've said before, I eat ham (sometimes) and I eat bacon, but I can't bear to eat pork. Yep, totally mad! And as I often say, it's all to do with cannibalism. ????? I can hear you thinking. Now hear me out... You know that cannibals (if there ever really were such a beast) called human…

The Wanderlusty Ginger
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Like my butcher, I loved the salty taste of bacon with brown sugar, but I’m also going to be folding bits of candy bacon into Coffee Ice Cream in the future. Or maybe get really crazy and try little bits in a batch of Avocado Ice Cream. If you don’t have half-and-half, simply mix together heavy cream and whole milk in equal proportions. I’m not sure about dairy alternatives, but since this doesn’t fall into the vegan category, I think this time I’m off the hook. ; )

Sabori Saha