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Preserve the beautiful memories of your child's birth with professional hospital photography. Find experienced photographers who specialize in capturing the joy and emotions of this special day.
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Last week I woke up with good news. I have been awarded the title of International Birth Photographer of the Year 2020 at the Birth Photographer International Image Competition (BPIIC). Not only thanks to my photos, but also because of my commitment to the community of birth photographers. I was very surprised by the news and almost fell off my chair when I read it. Really amazing.

Olivia Garcia
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I just LOVE birth photography. Every birth that I photograph is so much different from the last one but each one never ceases to amaze me – I mean really jaw drop amaze me! This birth was no exception!! These parents had to wait a long time before they were able to get pregnant with […]

Jordan Davis
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Despite living in a time of crisis that leaves us struggling with overwhelming anxiety about the future – let's take some time off and celebrate our presence. Life is sincerely mind-blowing. We get to go through these contrasting events filled with all the possible emotions, we have the freedom to get whatever we want from our existence, and we're allowed to make mistakes while still having the power to improve and grow.

Iwona Łaz