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Discover the art of boat building with our top ideas and techniques. Learn how to create your own boat and embark on your next water adventure.
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Metal Boat Building Magic – The “Origami” Method. From: Boat Building This section covers the process, the rules, the tools, the materials, and the boat equipment that are required to build boats whether you are a do-it-yourself builder or professional boat builder as the process is, or should be nearly the same. Be sure […]

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Discover 20 boat organization ideas that will help you save time, find things when and where you need to find them, and reduce the likelihood of problems. The first step with boat organization and storage is to understand what should and should not be on the boat in the first place. 1. Start with understanding priorities and having realistic expectations Unlike living in a house where there’s often ample room for all sorts of stuff, there’s limited space on a boat. This space is reserved for…

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