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Uncover the wonders of the human body and its intricate map. Learn about different body systems, organs, and functions. Start your journey of discovery today.
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Weird Facts About Your BodyHave you ever wondered what your body's capable of? Well I found some pretty interesting and astounding facts about the human body! Lets get started 1) Scientists say the higher your I.Q. the more you dream. While this may be true, don’t take it as a sign you’re mentally lacking if you can’t recall your dreams. Most of us don’t remember many of our dreams and the average length of most dreams is only 2-3 seconds–barely long enough to register.2) You must lose over…

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Body Maps. A powerful way to explore how we feel as we connect to our bodies. The person usually lays down on a large piecing and gets their body outlines traced by an other person. Then one can explore all the different feelings and associtated emotions in colour, shapes and words. Outsider Art, Canada, Art, Dar Es Salaam, Visual Art Lessons, Body Map, Artist At Work, Expressive Art, Art Therapy

(Elizabeth - October 2006: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) CATIE - Body Maps: Women Navigating the Positive Experience in Africa and Canada "The images shown here were created by HIV positive women who participated in CATIE-sponsored workshops in Tanzania, Zambia and Canada. Body mapping is a form of art and narrative therapy used to gain understanding of ourselves, our bodies, and the world we live in. The body mapping process shown here was developed by Jane Solomon. She is a South African artist…

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