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Expand your knowledge and find inspiration with these must-read books for interior designers. Discover expert tips, beautiful imagery, and valuable insights to take your design skills to the next level.

I love the internet, I absolutely love that you can find so many resources on anything you want to learn. Including learning more about Interior Design. However; I don't think any of these resources can replace books. Mainly because a lot of these resources such as blogs, videos, research papers, and articles are actually cited from said books. Although I graduated & got my B. Sc. in Interior Design several years ago and gained some really valuable practical experience I still refer to the…

Janie Ethier
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Well, hello, friends! It feels like it's been awhile since I've chatted with you! We are coming off of a week of snow/ice days. It's most definitely that time of year that has me longing for warmer days, filled with pool days, working in the flower garden, and eating popsicles with the girls. Do you

Abbie Baillargeon
The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space a book by Frida Ramstedt and Mia Olofsson Design, Interior Design, Interior, Interior Design Books, Interior Design Guide, Collected Interiors, Interior Stylist, Scandinavian Interior Design, Home Staging

The new comprehensive bible of interior design, from a home styling guru who has coached an entire Scandinavian generation in the art of creating a harmonious home. Frida Ramstedt believes in thinking about how we decorate, rather than focusing on what we decorate with. We know more today than ever before about design trends, furniture, and knickknacks, and now Frida familiarizes readers with the basic principles behind interior and styling--what looks good and, most of all, why it looks…

Ariel Spiegel Gamm