Borax crystals

Explore the fascinating world of borax crystals with these creative ideas for crafts and science experiments. Learn how to grow stunning crystals and create unique projects for all ages.
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These borax crystals are SO COOL and beautiful! Use pipe cleaners and a simple borax and water solution to grow your own crystal gems. This is such a pretty and fun science experiment! Borax Crystals Making borax crystals is such a cool science experiment. It takes a bit of patience to let the crystals grow, but the results are amazing! Borax crystals are a great chemistry experiment showing the recrystallization process. Kids can see how molecules react to different temperatures, and…

Jassana De
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Do you remember the first time you held a real crystal in your hand? Wasn't it magical? I remember it well! We bought one at a souvenir shop at a campsite where we were camping. You would have thought that I was holding the Hope Diamond! Well, that love of crystals has never left me,

Brenda O'Gorman