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Enhance the natural beauty of your home with stunning boxwood topiary. Discover creative ways to incorporate these elegant plants into your indoor and outdoor spaces for a fresh and timeless look.
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Boxwood Topiary DIY Materials: string scissors clippers bamboo stakes boxwood plant (make sure it’s mostly growing vertically) soil, pot moss (optional) Step 1: Start by inserting the boxwood plant into your pot and pack it with dirt. Step 2: Clip off the branches from the base of the trunk. Decide how much top bush you’d […]

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Did you know that there are more than 70 species in the boxwood family? These slow-growing evergreen shrubs grow best in zones 5-9 and add style and flair to your lawn or garden. Boxwoods need little maintenance. In most cases, you can maintain the beauty of your plants by pruning only once a year! But …

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Hi there, I saw a picture last week on Instagram that triggered a bit of an obsessive compulsion to find something………myrtle topiaries. I can thank (or not) Loi from Tone? on Tone as being the culprit behind this unexpected case of topiary-mania and yes that is a word (at least as of today). So here …

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A new planting project is underway at my Bedford, New York farm. I love boxwood, Buxus, and have hundreds of shrubs growing on my property. I use boxwood in borders and hedges, as privacy screens, as accent plants in my formal gardens, and of course in the long allee to my stable. When I can,

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