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Explore creative ways to utilize broom corn in your home and garden. Discover ideas to add a touch of rustic charm and natural beauty to your surroundings.
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Broom Corn for Sale 20 Hand Dyed 1/2 Lb Bundles Known - Etsy

20" Natural and Dyed Hurl Broomcorn for sale in 8 oz (1/2 lb) bundles. Broomcorn is also known as broom corn, broom straw, broom grass. Great for the occasional/casual broom maker, crafty person, or just a curious self teaching artistic mind. Broomcorn is also being used to cover stems on bouquets for weddings or events. We offer a rainbow of colors! We have a variety of colors available including natural. All batches of dye differ in tint because dying is not an exact science, but the…

Tammy Africa
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Harvesting Broom Corn - The Martha Stewart Blog

If you’re looking for something easy and interesting to grow in the garden next year, consider broom corn - the distant sweet corn relative once widely grown as a housekeeper's helper. Native to Central Africa, broom corn, Sorghum vulgare, a variety of sorghum in the plant family Poaceae, is a plant with a variety of

Katy Swift
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Brian goes to a Sweep In (Broom making weekend)

Last year Brian grew some broom corn in the garden and he was going to learn to make brooms. He told me so! :-) The next thing I know he is telling me about a Sweep In (what the heck is that?) that is a 3 day deal in Mountain View, AR. Aaaaaahhhhh......Arkansas, that explains it! Just kidding...I LOVE Arkansas! I told him he needs to go - so he did. (Because he does as I say....HA HA !!!!!) He made the first few brooms in the pictures below. The one in his right hand (your left view) is my…

carole little

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