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Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with these delicious candle scents recipes. Discover how to make your space smell amazing with natural fragrances that will relax and uplift your mood.
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Spring Diffuser Blends {15 Spring Essential Oil Blends}

Enjoy the lovely scents of spring in your home with the best spring diffuser blends! From floral to fresh, included are 15 spring essential oil recipes perfect for aromatherapy and home fragrance, which can even be used for DIY skin care and soap making.

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Romantic Diffuser Blends

These romantic diffuser blends are sure to set the mood and create a relaxed and inviting ambiance. This post features 15 delightful Valentine’s Day diffuser blends and shares plenty of tips to use essential oils for romance and togetherness.

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These sugar cookie essential oil blends will make your house smell like a bakery! You can use them in DIY skincare recipes for a mouthwatering cookie fragrance. Or try each sugar cookie oil blend in a passive diffuser for aromatherapy. Includes delicious essential oils that smell like cookies: vanilla, tonka bean, bitter almond and butter essential oil. Homemade Candles Scented Recipes Essential Oils, Essential Oil Recipes Candles, Essential Oil Mixes For Candles, Best Fragrance Oils For Candles, Diy Oil Recipes, Essential Oils Blends For Candles, Vanilla Essential Oil Perfume Recipes, Candle Blends Essential Oils, Diy Perfume Recipes Essential Oils

Sugar Cookie Essential Oil Blend

Learn how to make sugar cookie essential oil + several other cookie scent blends! With sweet vanilla, tonka bean, and real butter oil, these mouthwatering recipes smell like sugar cookie fragrance oil, but made with natural ingredients instead.

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12 Free Recipes for Blending Custom Fragrance Oils

A single note fragrance features just one scent rather than a blend of top, middle and bottom notes. Single note fragrances can be used on their own, but they’re even better when you use them as ingredients to create fragrance blends. You can also make your custom fragrances even more complex by adding any of our pre-blended fragrances to the mixture.

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