Candy theme halloween costume

Get ready to sweeten up your Halloween with these creative candy theme costume ideas. Find the perfect outfit that will make you the life of the party and satisfy your sweet tooth.
DIY Cotton Candy Costume.     Pink tshirt,  Pillow fill, Adhesive spray, Pink paint (for silk flowers),   Clown wig (with hair cut off and replaced with pillow fill),  light Poster board for cone,  Elastic to hold cone on head,   Pink polka dot knee highs, Blush and glitter for face + a cute kid! too cute!  @Sue Goldberg Ledezma, this is too funny@

Monica: Journey: Pink tshirt Pillow fill Adhesive spray Pink paint (for silk flowers) Clown wig (with hair cut off and replaced with pillow fill) Poster board for cone Elastic to hold...

Gracie Loya Miller
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If you want a costume you can throw on as easily as a feather boa around your neck, this DIY costume is for you! Try this DIY candy necklace costume!!! If you have some tired pool noodles from a few too many summers in the sun, this is a great way to reuse them because …

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