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To float down the river is nice ...Even nicer to drift down on a canoe you culture * Wittle away carved * one that speaks of history and  culture .. The Great Outdoors, Lakes, Rivers, Outdoor, Row Boat, Row Boats, Down The River, Boat Building, Yacht

Several months ago I had the pleasure to paddle a birchbark canoe in Augusta, which I reported here. Aside from the fact that canoe had been built at the Penobscot Marine Museum, I didn't have much detail about it at the time. But now that I work at the museum and have had a chance to rummage around, and can provide a bit more info., plus photos. The boat, about 18' long, was built in 2006 under the direction of Aaron T. York. According to a press release from the museum, "York is a full…

Amy Hamburger