Capsule wardrobe color palette

Discover how to build a fashionable capsule wardrobe by selecting a cohesive color palette. Explore top ideas to create a versatile and chic wardrobe for every season.
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Step-by-step guide to build a capsule wardrobe from scratch. Including capsule wardrobe checklist. Plus how to choose your capsule wardrobe color palette. Visual guide to create a capsule wardrobe.

Summer Ching
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Today I'm excited to share a new blog feature called "My Closet At A Glance." This new section will share an overview of the main colors, silhouettes and descriptive characteristics that I strive for in my wardrobe. In the last few years as I've really honed in on my ever evolving person

How to create a color palette for your wardrobe (and why you need one ASAP) - The 'drobe Foundation, Color Palette, Palette, Color, Wardrobe, Create, Closet Colors, Work, My Style

Ever wondered why – no matter how many clothes you own – it never feels like you could just “mix and match” them? Well, while there’s a bit more to it than this (we’ll save them for future posts), one of the main reasons is probably because you don’t have a wardrobe color palette. Sounds […]

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