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Portuguese Illustrator Immerses Us In The Thoughts Of Cats With Art And A Lot Of Humor Crazy Cat Lady, Humour, Motivation, Quotes, Cat Quotes, Cat Love, Laugh, Humor, Crazy Cats

There is something that there can never be enough of on the internet and in our lives. And that something is obviously cats. They’re creatures that can’t be put in boxes (unless literally) or summed up easily, but someone who has succeeded at that is Portuguese illustrator Luís Coelho.

JoAnna Redman-Smith
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A ginger kitten was spotted under a truck by a good Samaritan. He was so tiny that he could fit perfectly in his rescuer's hand. The little kitten was just a couple of days old with his eyes still closed. Meet Braeburn! imgur "Neighbor found this tiny guy under his truck. The vet said he was...

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