Ceiling texture types

Transform your room with different types of ceiling textures. Discover the top ideas to add texture and character to your living space.
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Sorry, there's really no pun to explain a ceiling texture tutorial. After the drywall was finished, it was time to mud. Mike's the drywall extraordinaire, so I let him do his thing. Plus mudding falls into that category of "messy things that don't easily wash out of clothing", so it's better that I don't watch. After everything was mudded I was called down again to help with ceiling texture. Since we tore out all the ceilings on the second floor, and just recently did the ceiling in the new…

Cara Kent
DIY Remove -A Textured Ceiling Makeover AKA: why we're not going to remove the textured ceiling and just deal with it. Ideas, Diy, Ikea, Smoothies, Texture, Remove Paint From Concrete, Remove Textured Ceiling, Plaster Ceiling, Painted Ceiling

It has been several months since we began this particular project, but we just brought it to pretty-much completion within the past couple days. Here is our new bedroom ceiling, complete with this then-on-sale chandelier from Home Depot: Yes, in fact, the appearance of that chandelier did inspire me to sing "Phantom of the Opera" at the top of my lungs not only while Rick hung it but also well into the next week! How did you know?! But let's rewind. You see, this was not a simple "let's…

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