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Discover unique and imaginative character ideas that will bring your story or role-playing game to life. Explore a variety of personalities, backstories, and traits to create memorable characters.
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A Twitter user named @anloremi started a thread on the platform on which he invited people to fulfil the T-Rex image to prove that there is no way AI could replace human art. The results are unique and clever, with a human-like humorous twist to it. This is the primary image on which users expressed their creativity.

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Many novice writers fall into the trap of creating Mary Sue characters in their stories. Let's see if your OC passes the Mary Sue test.

kuma vein
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Nowadays, we are seeing more and more people cosplaying, drawing, or taking any other means to recreate their beloved characters from their favorite TV shows. But this artist went a step further by rendering well-known cartoon, game and movie personages into their 3D forms.