Chore allowance chart earn money

Motivate your kids to complete chores and earn money with these creative chore allowance chart ideas. Teach them responsibility and financial management skills while making it fun and rewarding.
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It's a topic that is debated quite frequently around the mom and family blogosphere. Some people are in the camp that doing chores and household tasks is part of being in the family and therefore don't require compensation. Others believe school is a child's "job" and household chores count as extra work. Then there are beliefs all over in between with every type of combination you could imagine.

Amanda Peters
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Disclosure: Any post may contain links to my shop or affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission from any purchase you make. All opinions about products I use are my own. Read the full disclosure and Privacy Policy HERE. My kids were complaining recently that they want chances to earn money. We’ve never […]

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Teaching kids the importance of money management is one of the important tasks of parenthood. And they're never too young to start learning how much things cost, how to earn money, how to save money, and how to spend money.

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