Chores and allowance

Discover a proven system to teach kids responsibility and money management through chores and allowance. Empower your children to develop lifelong skills while instilling a strong work ethic.
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It's a topic that is debated quite frequently around the mom and family blogosphere. Some people are in the camp that doing chores and household tasks is part of being in the family and therefore don't require compensation. Others believe school is a child's "job" and household chores count as extra work. Then there are beliefs all over in between with every type of combination you could imagine.

Amanda Peters
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I was generally against the conccept of allowance. I wanted my kids to earn money rather than just have it be given to them. Here's why we decided to give our kids allowance that's not tied to chores. Complete with details on when and how much we pay them.

Marie Crumley
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Ahhhh, summer. It’s almost here. In fact, it’s so close I can taste it. I love summer. Everything about it (except the crazy Houston heat and humidity!) What I love most about summer is having my kids home with me. Having them home also means I need to figure out ways to keep them busy. …

Jessica Still