Christmas snowman

Get into the holiday spirit with these adorable Christmas snowman ideas. Find inspiration to create a whimsical winter wonderland in your home and spread joy to all who visit.
These 30 Crazy Snowman Ideas Would Make Calvin And Hobbes Proud | Bored Panda Halloween, Ideas, Snowman, Diy, Funny Snowman, Snowman Decorations, Diy Snowman Decorations, Build A Snowman, Diy Snowman

Even though the last strip of "Calvin and Hobbes" was published on December 31, 1995, apparently Calvin's crazy snowman ideas lived on! Forget the traditional carrots and pebbles – these snowman artists have pulled out all the stops. If there's good snow on the ground where you are, get out there, make a snowman and share your pictures with us!

Ramona Samoila