Chrome finish

Discover a range of modern and sleek ideas to incorporate chrome finish into your home decor. Elevate the style and sophistication of your space with these stunning chrome finish options.
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Trends of 2019. As design becomes more and more digitized, designers and artists look back to the most simplest forms of colour, elements, materials to bring their art back to the real world. Something that links us to the ground beneath our feet.

Renriqué Primus
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This iPhone Background (640x960 wallpaper) is released under a Creative Commons license. If you like this image, please leave a comment. Thanks! How do I get this onto my iPhone? There are a number of ways to do this, however I think the easiest and fastest way is to download Flickr’s free app. Within the Flickr app you surf over to my photo feed to view the images (if you make me a contact then I’ll appear in the flickr contact list). When you find one you like, just click the download…