Cisco networking

Learn the ins and outs of Cisco networking and take your career to new heights. Explore top tips, tricks, and resources to become a networking pro and achieve success in the IT industry.
THE SCHOOL OF CISCO NETWORKING (SCN): THE FUNCTIONS OF OPEN SYSTEMS INTERCONNECTION MODEL (OSI): Osi Layer, It Support Technician, Networking Basics, Network Layer, Concept Maps, Osi Model, Basic Computer Programming, Web Development Programming, Computer Architecture

THE OSI (OPEN SYSTEMS INTERCONNECTION) DATA MODEL: OSI MODEL Was A Product Of The Open Systems Interconnection Effort At The International Organization For Standardization.It is A ISO Standard For Computer Networks Design And Functioning. It Is Way Of Sub-Dividing A Communications System Into Smaller Parts Called Layers. Similar Communication Functions Are Grouped Into Logical Layers. The OSI architecture divides network functionality up into seven layers, where various protocols implement…

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