Classroom economy

Implement a classroom economy to teach valuable financial skills and promote student responsibility. Discover top strategies to create a thriving and engaging learning environment.
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I wanted to share how I use (and have used for several years) a token economy in my classroom. I taught at different PBIS/PBS schools for 7 years, and a token economy is the perfect addition to what your school is already doing! I’ve used this system in 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades, and absolutely ... Read more

Maddie Glas
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When it comes to classroom management, some of the most common struggles I hear about from teachers are the lack of respect students have for their learning space, and a desire to maintain a more organized classroom. If you are struggling with these, I urge you to consider utilizing well-developed classroom jobs, and a classroom […]

Jackie Keller
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Life would be better if I could actually spend the money I print for my classroom. Click HERE to view my classroom economy set. Welcome to Classroom Economy 101: Your classroom economy may not run exactly as mine does, but that's okay. Take the parts you like and what will work best for your students. I am going to answer a couple of questions I received about the way classroom economy runs in my class. First and foremost ... BE ORGANIZED. I have a binder with all of my classroom economy…

Darby McGee