Cleaning laminate wood floors

Keep your laminate wood floors looking clean and shiny with these effective cleaning tips. Discover the best methods and products to maintain the beauty of your floors.
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We recently had gorgeous laminate installed in our living room and I just had to take the opportunity to ask the installer what he recommended for washing it. Although it's much easier to care for than real wood flooring and I've had it for years in other parts of the…

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One Simple Step to Make Your Laminate Floors Shine Like NEW! Do you have dull laminate floors? We did! When my husband & I built our house, we wanted dark laminate floors. We didn’t even consider the fact that dark floors show up everything! Dark laminate flooring shows every little footprint, mark, everything! It just […]

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Hardwood floors can be tricky to clean and can be hard to maintain without damage. It is vital to keep your wood floors scuff-free as well as dirt-free because scuffs can help to destroy the premium look and will cause the floor to look dirty. Also, dirt can cause your hardwood floor to crack,

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