Cloth sanitary pads

Switch to reusable cloth sanitary pads for a greener period experience. Discover the benefits of this eco-friendly and comfortable alternative to disposable pads.
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Cloth Sanitary Pads. Organic Cloth Pad. Menstrual Pads MINI LINER, LIGHT, REGULAR, HEAVY, OVERNIGHT. You will get a soft, comfortable, from natural fabrics gaskets: 7-12 inch. When buying 3 pieces, you will receive as a gift a drying mount, a laundry ba. As a gift when buying 4 pieces of additional Wet Bag. MINI LINER Holds the same amount of flow as a liner although is shorter in length 7 inches (18cm) and width 6 inches. Absors approximately 3-5ml of flow is specifically designed to absorb…

Paula Baughman