Co teaching

Enhance your teaching practice with effective co-teaching strategies. Discover how co-teaching can create a dynamic learning environment and improve student outcomes.
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5 Tips for Co-Teaching Success

Co-Teaching can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging experiences. The co-teaching partnership is kind of like a marriage and usually it's an arranged one! Often, two teachers are partnered up without knowing much about each other. Administrators dealing with staffing issues may not be able to look at teaching styles and personalities before pairing teachers up. Here are some tips on how to make your co-teaching relationship a successful one! 1. Get to know your co-teaching partner…

Nicole Tiefenbach
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Be A Co-teacher, Not An Assistant – Engaging and Effective Teaching

Feeling like an overpaid teacher’s assistant in your new role as a special education teacher in a co-taught class? It’s not just you; co-teaching is taking the difficult task of teaching to a whole new level. It took me years to come out from the teacher’s assistant shadow even though I’ve always been proficient when ...

Daniella Micallef