College checklist

Prepare for college with this essential checklist that covers everything you need for a smooth transition. From dorm room essentials to school supplies, make sure you're ready to hit the ground running.
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If you are about to send your kiddos out the door as a new college freshman or a college transfer – here is a HUGE checklist of everything, you might need to bring to college! Posted is a printable list of everything you need for your new(or returning) college student. Grab this free Print

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Get a free and easily editable online College Girl Packing List template for Google Docs. You’ve never seen a nicer college packing list. We made this college girl packing list free Google Docs template for girls or fans of k-pop and kawaii style. In total, there are seven sections in the structure. We have described the following classes of things for your convenience: Personal Care, Dorm Room, Clothing, Cleaning Supplies, Electronics, Paper Documents, Other Items. In addition, you can…

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