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Explore a collection of beautiful colour board ideas that will inspire your creativity. Find the perfect palette to bring your vision to life and add a pop of color to any project.
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Sababa Travel are experts in thoughtfully crafted vacations that unfold effortlessly. Explore deeply, indulge in laidback luxury, and leave all the details—large and small!—to them. They specialize in bespoke luxury vacations worldwide. What unites every Sababa escape is a focus on eye-opening cultural immersion—and the sense of ease you feel when you step off the […]


This week’s inspiration is based off the beach. I love being at the beach because everything feels so peaceful and relaxing. I love hearing sitting by the ocean and hearing the waves crash and looking up to the palm trees. I don’t really get to go to the beach that often because I live in Canada bu

Kay Magic
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For this trend and market project I created a main commercial trend and a conceptual micro trend. I developed skills in trend research and development. The main trend was then taken forward into a small collection, which was very print focused. A look book was also created to showcase the trends and collection through visuals.

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My inspiration for this collection derived from the archetypes of Carl Jung. In particular: the shadow, the persona and the self. Real pressed flowers are encapsulated in contrasting pleated plastic with the same flowers printed and embroidered onto silks. Each garment forms part of a narrative that represents the human evolution of consciousness that altogether create a glamorous, modern yet functional collection.