Colour wheel theory

Explore the principles of the colour wheel theory and learn how to use it to create harmonious and visually appealing artworks. Enhance your artistic skills with our comprehensive guide.
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A colour wheel of equally spaced 24 hues and 5 tones each giving a representative colour vocabulary of 120 mostly saturated colours. Each colour is named after an unambiguous real world examplar and an example is given to justify the name. Finally, we can name colours accurately in a common sense manner without resorting to arcane Pantone numbers, incorrect web colours or clumsy Munsell names.

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Ok, Ok, Its pretty obvious I’m on a crusade to get you all getting jiggy with the colour vibe. So I’ve decided in this post to get right back to basics. Sharpen your pencils boys and girls; we’re going back to school to learn a bit about the theory of colour. Out there in the […]

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When you think about the world around you, color is one of the most important things we see. It affects our mood, can bring us joy, strike up memories, or draw attention. Think about how absolutely dull our world would be if we only saw it in black and white! I think there's a myth […]

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