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Changes made to Nina's photo: Lengthened and slimmed thighs, lengthened back, slimmed back, exaggerated butt, enlarged butt crack. Nina's reaction to the photoshopped photo: BEHOLD MY HEART BUTT. It's like my ass is saying "I love you" to the world. Also my thighs are about a foot longer. I guess this is how I'd look if I were 6'3". The top half of the photo just isn't me at all. They might as well have just put my face on a cartoon body, because that's what it is. I don't look human.

Ischtwan Takatsch
While everyone knows that comic books are fantasy, many of the poses that female characters are drawn in look a little painful: | We Had Women Photoshopped Into Stereotypical Comic Book Poses And It Got... Tumblr, Comic Book Poses, Book Poses, Wonder Woman Batman, Batman Green Lantern, Wonder Woman Comic, Amazon Warrior, Wonder Woman Art, Great Warrior

Many people, such as Ami Angelwings who runs the Tumblr Escher Girls, or these people attempting to sit in the impossible Mary Jane position, have drawn attention to the uncomfortably contorted positions that female comic book characters often find themselves in, in order to make sure they are showing ~MAXIMUM BOOBS AND BUTTS~.

Shaana Charles