Crunch salad

Discover a variety of delicious and healthy crunch salad recipes to add some texture and flavor to your meals. Try these refreshing salads and enjoy a satisfying crunch with every bite.
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This Thai Crunch Salad is full of color and bold fresh flavors. Fresh herbs, shredded cabbage, and crunchy bell peppers all come together with a creamy peanut dressing. This easy recipe is the perfect summer salad and goes great with your favorite protein, like chicken, fish or even tofu for a meat-free option!

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Print Friendly Version Who doesn’t love a super crunchy, veggie-loaded salad with sharp, tangy cheese and creamy dressing? This boasts all of these qualities and is, hands down, one of my absolute favorite salads. What’s more, this salad was created by me. It’s unique. So when you make it, chances are, there won’t be ten…Read more →

Shari Stevens
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This is the best kale crunch salad you have ever had. This totally plant-based salad has so much flavor, texture and vibrant color. It comes together quickly with very basic ingredients and zero cooking. As a side or as a full meal, this vegan salad is guaranteed to please anyone who loves their kale. In fact, I bet this will be the salad that will finally convert a kale hater to a kale lover.

Rachel Guzman