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Alejandro Ramirez Ojeda
One side of the my latest poster. I want to thank freaky665.deviantart.com for the texture that I used as the base for the background. Check outbuzillo-stock.deviantart.com/a…for more e... Starship Concept, Starship Design, Spaceship Concept, Spaceship Design, Concept Ships, Sci Fi Base, Sci Fi Ships, Sci Fi Rpg, Space Ship Concept Art

Description The Lantallian GX-Class Executive Transport was developed during the days of the Old Republic to ferry the rich and famous throughout the galaxy. In order to ensure the high class passengers' safety, it had a spacious hyperdrive-enabled escape pod mounted to the ship's underside. The comfort of the passengers (and appealing to their refined dispositions) was paramount in its design. As a result, the passenger and crew areas of the ship are entirely separate, removing the need for…

Hauke Hennemann
ArtStation - Jedi Survivor - Cal Kestis Outfits, Design, Flynn Rider, Cosplay, Jedi, Costume Design, Star Wars Outfits, Legion, The Face

I had the honor of modeling and texturing Cal Kestis. I was also responsible for the design and implementation of his customization system. Cal's wardrobe and design was a huge undertaking and it couldn't have been done without the collaboration of my talented team here at Respawn as well as our outsource partners. The Concept for this outfit was done by the talented Jordan Lamarre-Wan The hair cards were created by Little Red Zombie under my supervision. I also did additional polish and…

Antonio Jones
Every lightsaber color in the Star Wars universe & what they mean. Lightsaber Color Meaning, Lightsaber Colors, Sabre Laser, Star Wars Light Saber, Star Wars Facts, Jedi Knight, Video X, Ahsoka Tano, Ex Machina

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Christian Clymer