Daily drawing

Unleash your creativity and practice daily drawing with these inspiring ideas. Discover new techniques, subjects, and styles to enhance your artistic skills.
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365 The daily art of practicing

Now that we are halfway through to the year, I wanted to share with you my experience and journey so far of my 365 Challenge that I’m doing over on Instagram. This is a personal challenge that I started at the beginning of the year to improve my illustration and drawing skills.

tori fojtasek
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June Doodle Challenge ⋆ Little Miss Martha

I keep thinking to myself that I want to draw and paint more... But I just never do it. So I figured why not start with doodling and why not invite others to doodle with me! Which is how this list came about. I tend to stick to loops and flowers but hopefully this pulls me out of my artistic shell a little more. I hope you'll join us in this doodle challenge. Just take a minute each day to draw a little doodle!

Pieta Yliuntinen
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The plans/Plany

As I already mentioned in this post, last time I am trying to draw regulary to improve my skills. I must admit, that sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated and find something appealing to draw. Therefore, I started to search for a list I can refer to in times of need. And I find one wiht 101 topics on this blog. The list below is also from there (the other picture is mine). My goal is to finish this list within a year from now. I do not know whether I will go from 1 to 101 or just chose…

Die Zu