Dandelion salads

Explore our collection of delicious and nutritious dandelion salad recipes. Try these refreshing and healthy salads for a unique twist on your usual greens. Get inspired and add some variety to your mealtime.
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Got weeds? Make a Dandelion Green Salad This Spring - Nourished Kitchen

Dandelion greens taste wickedly bitter, but that’s also part of their appeal. That bitterness signals many of dandelion’s potent medicinal compounds, the very compounds that are responsible for both its nutritive quality and its ability to support digestion.Bitterness finds balance in salty and sour flavors, which is why the greens partner so well with robust flavors such as lemon, anchovies, and caraway seeds. The trick in using caraway seeds in this recipe is to leave them whole. Caraway…

Kim Miltenberger