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Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of desert areas with these top ideas. Discover unique landscapes, thrilling activities, and breathtaking views that will leave you in awe.
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Cholistan Desert (Urdu, Saraiki:صحرائے چولستان), also locally known as Rohi (روہی) sprawls thirty kilometers from Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan and covers an area of 26,300 km². It adjoins the Thar Desert extending over to Sindh and into India. Cholistan Desert, Desert Biome, Thar Desert, Punjab Pakistan, Desert Area, Desert Environment, Pakistan Zindabad, Indus Valley Civilization, Desert Photography

East of Bahawalpur is the Cholistan Desert which covers an area of about 15,000 km2 and extends into the Thar Desert of India. The region was once watered by the Hakra River, known as the Saravati in vedic times. At one time there were 400 forts in the area and archaeological finds around the Darawar Fort, the only place with a perennial waterhole, indicate that it was contemporaneous with the Indus Valley Civilisation. The average annual rainfall is only 12 cm, and the little cultivation…

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Deadvlei (dead marsh) is part of one the oldest deserts in the world, the Namib-Rand desert in Namibia. The clay pan was formed after rainfall, when the Tsauchab river flooded, creating temporary shallow pools where the abundance of water allowed camel thorn trees to grow. When the climate changed, drought hit the area, and sand dunes encroached on the pan, which blocked the river from the area. The trees died, as there no longer was enough water to survive. The remaining skeletons of the…

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There are an astounding 23 deserts in the world and with over 36,000 hours sunshine per year, the Sahara Desert is the world’s most famous and largest low altitude, hot desert. The Sahara Desert: King of all Deserts Deserts are landscapes with extremely low moisture or precipitation. Therefore, the land is mostly devoid of any trees and bushes. Even though the environment is so hostile, incredibly, there is an abundance of animals, birds, reptiles, and insects living in it. As you can…

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