Dinosaur facts for kids

Spark your child's curiosity with these fascinating dinosaur facts. Explore the prehistoric world and learn about the incredible creatures that once roamed the earth.
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Jean Marzollo is the award-winning author of I SPY, Pierre the Penguin, Help Me Learn Numbers 0-20, Help Me Learn Addition, The Little Plant Doctor, Soccer Sam, Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Mama Mama/Papa Papa, and many other children's books, as well as books for parents and teachers. She is the award-winning author/illustrator of Ten Little Christmas Presents, Ten Little Eggs, Bible stories, and Greek myths. Jean Marzollo is the author/illustrator of online interactive ebooks for…

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Your child will love reading nonfiction texts after reading this exciting dinosaur facts worksheet! Strengthen your child’s reading comprehension skills by challenging him or her to pick out key details of the passage. Keep kids motivated with fun texts from Kids Academy!

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