Diy barbie house

Create a magical world for your little princess with these creative DIY Barbie house ideas. Get inspired and start building a dream home for her favorite dolls today.
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So this project started out as “I’m not going to do much… just spray paint some plastic furniture. It’s not going to be fancy or the cutest dollhouse you’ve ever seen…” And ended with me spending two weeks obsessing adding board and batten to walls and making tiny baskets and chandeliers. It was a s

Christine Thibodeaux
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For the past few months, Tim and I have been working hard on a secret Christmas project for Peyton. She had been asking for a dollhouse for her Barbies. Of course, we could have just gone out and bought the Barbie Dreamhouse right off the Target shelf, but where's the fun in that, right!? And honestly, I just don't love big plastic pink toys. Plus months and months ago, I saw this dollhouse at Handmade Home and was totally inspired to do something similar for Peyton one day. So back in…

Little Leaf Art Studio
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Eva asked for a "rabbit house" (dollhouse) for her third birthday , so we downed tools on the never-ending lead paint removal stair renovation project , and set to with the jigsaw and a huge piece of MDF that - you'll never guess - we found in the cellar . Bless the previous owners and

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Last year, we made this play kitchen for Nova’s big gift and it’s honestly the only gift that has been played with EVERY DAY all year long. I also learned how meaningful it is (for me!) to spend months planning and working on a special project to give our children for Christmas. This year, we’ve…