Diy boat

Embark on an exciting DIY boat project and set sail on your own adventure. Discover top ideas for building and customizing your very own boat to explore the open waters.
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How to Make a Cardboard Boat

How to Make a Cardboard Boat: The purpose of these Instructables is to guide people on what they can do when they are trapped in their home with a flash flood and have to escape from there. This instruction included clear steps and graphics. To make this boat float, design and s…

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AHOY! Cardboard Boat for Racing

AHOY! Cardboard Boat for Racing: Have you ever thought of doing something many think couldn’t or shouldn’t be done? Of course you have, that is why you are here on! I was proposed with the following challenge: Build a vessel OUT OF CARDBOARD capable of supporting…

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16 Homemade Plywood Boats Plans You Can DIY Easily

DIYing a plywood boat is not just about saving money. It’s about utilizing your craft to create something meaningful that you’ll utilize with pride and joy and savor the memories even if the product is no longer with you. If you’ve found your new passion in boating and fishing, you’ll definitely want to DIY at...

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DIY Pontoon kits

Styro Innovations has came up with an interesting DIY modular floating system which can be both clever and beneficial in the pontoon flotation. If you are looking for something for your project to build a floating fishing dock, kayak launch/outrigger or even a tri-toon/ pontoon boat project.

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Easy Wine Cork Sail Boats

These cork sail boats are so easy to make and they actually float in water! This is such a simple kids craft idea and a great low mess activity to try with the kids! You can make one in less than 5 minutes! If you don't have any wine drinking friends or family, don't worry - You can usually buy little bags of corks at the craft store. This is another one of my favourite crafts from my new book, Low Mess Crafts for Kids (available in bookstores and on Amazon now!). The book is packed with…

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