Diy fake chocolate candy

Learn how to make realistic-looking fake chocolate candy with these creative DIY ideas. Impress your friends and family with your craft skills and create delicious-looking treats without the calories.
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Vintagegiant plastic fakechocolate bon-bon/truffle candy in a gold wrapper.Looks like a huge chocolate truffle drizzled with white chocolate.Measures approx. 22" in diameter x 13-1/8"H.It is all one p...from

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We all know how much I LOVE oversized statement props for any kind of celebration!! Halloween did NOT escape! This year I decided to decorate my our home as a Halloween Soiree. Inspired by some pieces I had purchased, I made some giant props such as a cake, party hats, party blowers and this awesome giant Trick or Treat bag! For the DIY Oversized Trick or Treat Bag Template, click here. A couple of years ago I...

Amy Brophy
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I have been wanting to add some faux chocolates to my collection of food decor forever, but they can get expensive and so far I've been focusing on my cupcakes. It kept entering my mind though, can't I make some myself? Finally I stumbled upon this post from Kurolace and learned how to use hot glue to create artificial chocolates. In the post Kurolace uses glue directly from her glue gun to fill in silicone molds, becuase my mold was so much larger I ended up experimenting with another…

Jennifer Adams
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Sue wrangling children on the float, helper girls in their colorful outfits In May of this year my friend Kerry and I decided to do a float for Lillooet's annual May Day Parade. Lillooet is one of the last communities in B.C. (so I've been told) that has May Pole dancing and a parade and crowning of the May Day Queen and princesses. It's a lot of fun and has been going on for a loooooong, long time. We wanted to join in - and of course I "forced" Sue to participate too! Our theme for the…

Tracy Hernandez
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By: Anna Warren on 2/08/2010 01:33:00 PM Share it Please Tweet Project: Chocolates Materials: 1/2" insulation foam, brown and white acrylic caulk (with silicone), plastic baggies, Krylon Crystal Clear The show we're about to open calls for a tin of chocolates to be hidden in a drawer. While we have a few little bon-bons in stock, I've been asked to create a few chocolates to supplement the collection. Chocolates are often faked onstage, as real chocolates melt easily under theatrical…

Stephany Meadows