DIY tassel earrings

Create your own unique and stylish tassel earrings with these DIY ideas. Express your personal style and add a trendy touch to any outfit with these fashionable accessories.

Step by step tutorial on making super cute DIY tassel earrings. With just a few simple supplies you can create your own earrings.

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Happy Sunday! The other day, as I was indulging in my customary Pinterest scrolling session, a pair of tassel earrings came into view that completely halted me in my tracks. These earrings featured cascading layers of stunning pink and purple tassels, and to my astonishment, they were labeled as DIY. Yes, you read that right […]

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These beaded tassel earrings are an easy craft project allowing you to DIY one of the cutest trends in jewelry right now! I feel like I've seen tassels on everything these days: clothes, shoes, purses, key chains and especially jewelry. I don't mind it though...I think tassels are adorable! You can make tassels out of various different materials, but being the jewelry maker that I am, I knew I wanted to try a beaded version of this new trend. You really don't need a lot of supplies to make…

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Learn how to make yarn tassel earrings by hand with this easy step-by-step DIY tassel earring tutorial. One of my favorite types of handmade accessories are DIY leather earrings (and faux leather earrings!) They’re easy to make, fun to wear, and can be given as handmade gifts or sold as well. Here is another fantastic, fun diy jewelry accessory to try out - DIY tassel earrings! Here’s how to make simple, fun tassel earrings out of yarn, in just a few minutes. How to Make Tassel Earrings with…

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