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An older picture, I havent really taken any pictures recently. At Shandi's recent vet visit we discovered that since we got Banjo Shandi has lost 13 pounds (6kg). Now I guess she was a little chubby before but she's borderlining too skinny now so lucky her is getting fed more in hopes of her putting on a bit of weight. Also sorry everyone for not really commenting lately. I've just been so busy I've hardly had time to do anything. I'll try to comment today.

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My name is Kristýna Kvapilová and I'm a dog photographer, traveler and frisbee player from the Czech Republic. I'm 21 years old and I'm a proud owner of a Canon 5D Mark IV. When I leave my computer job, you can often see me somewhere on the road, traveling and exploring the world with my beautiful 7-year-old Australian Shepherd Charlie, who is my personal teacher and also the best and the most faithful model I've ever had! He's a so-called professional dog model who can do many tricks, for…

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