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Images of various potters & sculptors : I've admired the works of the following ceramicists and sculptors, so it was refreshing to research this post and get to see what they actually looked like. I think images of artists have more impact when you see them in their studio environment. latest page → Stig Lindberg - Gustavberg, Sweden Stig Lindberg was one of the leading designers of household items that were accessible to almost everyone in Sweden. His career lasted from about 1937 to 1980…

Elena Keidar
How to use air-dry clay for sculpting dolls — Adele Po.

I have been sculpting dolls with air-dry clay for years now. It is my favorite medium to sculpt fine details and create intricate characters. But I know some people have reservations about air-dry clay. Will it be strong enough? Can I resume sculpting after my sculpture has dried? There are so many

Karen Freeze