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Get inspired by these stunning dollhouse designs and create a miniature dream home for your collection. Explore top ideas to design and decorate each room with style and creativity.
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Good evening! Wow – I can’t believe we are already more than halfway through September! I have two projects to hopefully share with you this weekend – our finished Ikea dollhouses and my office closet makeover. I have our dollhouses photographed and today will share the final room – the bathrooms.Read More

Margaret Peot
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11 things to use for dollhouse miniatures wallpaper, including unusual items that will give your doll's house remodel some flair. Dollhouse miniature DIY ideas for using dollhouse printables. Dollhouse projects and miniatures tutorials.

Rebecca Bratcher
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Read tips for painting 1:12 inch scale miniatures, from the type of paint and brushes to use, and how to choose the right color scheme to design a stylish and cohesive dollhouse. Use these color palettes for any kind of crafting! Ceramics, knitting, jewelry making, painting, home decor and more.

Stevie Storck | Cross Quarter Club
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Welcome to the Mini Adventures Co. blog! I plan to use this blog to share easy tutorials with you so you can create your own mini adventures. Since this is the very first post, it seemed fitting to share my story of how I got started with miniatures and how you can start your own dollhouse. This is the very first dollhouse I ever worked on, and it's amazing how far I've already come in my miniature making. I purchased this Melissa and Doug dollhouse for my daughter Lucy a couple years ago…

Liz Taylor
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Having accidentally fallen into the world of doll's houses when buying a present for her new baby, self-confessed interiors nerd Lucy Clayton found herself thoroughly hooked. Here she recounts her family's journey through their first (but not last) miniature design project, complete with architectural advice from Ben Pentreath, roof repairs by a real builder, and pints of champagne on the dining table

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