Drawing different nose shapes

Enhance your drawing skills by learning how to depict various nose shapes. Discover top ideas and techniques to bring realism and variety to your artwork.

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Seram Seram
Different types of noses like Roman, funnel, button for a nose tiktok challenge that DubUTF created People, Oc, Face Drawing Reference, Face Drawing, Profile Drawing, Character, Cartoon Noses, How To Draw Hands, Body Drawing

6.1K Likes, 213 Comments. TikTok video from (Dub) Kissmystar💋 (@kissmystar): "What do y’all think? #foryoup #nosechallenge #thinnose #thicknose #narrownose #widenose #greciannose #romannose #aquilinenose #buttonnose #funnel #blackwomen #women #men". funnel nose. I think my nose could pass as small button or droopy. Thought? Red Nose - Sage The Gemini.

Fireball Based!