Drop ceiling tiles

Discover innovative drop ceiling tile ideas to enhance the aesthetic of your space. Upgrade your ceiling with unique designs and create a stunning environment for your home or office.
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Basic 2 Ft. X 4 Ft. PVC Lay-in /drop in Ceiling Tile 96 Sq.ft./case - Etsy

●INSTALLATION-Easily lay into a standard 15/16" T-bar drop ceiling grid system or glued over any flat substrates ●MATERIAL ADVANTAGE: It's made out of lightweight PVC, flexible and will not crack, water and corrosion-resistant for exceptional durability, safe and fully recyclable ●PACKING QUANTITY: It contains 12 tiles sized 24"x48", covering 96 sq. ft ●CONSTRUCTION: It's thin and lightweight, pretty easy to work with, paintable, and cut with a snip, scissors or utility knife for quick and…

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Not yo mama's drop ceiling! - Seeking Lavender Lane

Drop Ceiling tiles for basement! Did you know we were doing a basement makeover? Oh you didn’t…of course not because the basement has been the hubby’s project. Little did I want to partake in any basement makeover. That is until we were just about finished and then I got… shhh a little excited about it […]

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17 Dropped Ceiling Ideas To Check Out

Hiding unsightly pipes, ductwork, wires, and other imperfections on the original ceiling can be easily accomplished by installing a dropped ceiling. Usually placed on top of a traditional ceiling, dropped ceilings are often referred to as suspended or drop ceilings. They are secured from the main ceiling using metal wires and tracks. Dropped ceilings are […]

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