Drop down list

Enhance user experience on your website with creative drop down list designs. Explore top ideas to make navigation easier and more intuitive for your users.
What better way is to reduce workload avoid mistakes and automate the chunk of data than data validation drop down lists. This tutorial explains on how to make not just drop down lists but DYNAMIC drop down lists Free Excel tips, tricks, tutorials, dashboard templates, formula core book, downloadable resources and cheat sheets. Excel Tips Cheat Sheets, Learning Excel, Microsoft Excel Formulas, Excel For Beginners, Computer Shortcut Keys, Office Tips, Computer Hacks, Data Validation, Excel Formulas

Excel drop down lists are one easy way to keep your data error free and other benefit it is that it automates data entry to some extent. Data validation help us make such drop down lists easily. For those who are unaware of data validation tool and data validation lists then it is a technique by which you […]

Rajesh Gupta