Dry basement

Prevent water damage and create a healthy living space with these effective solutions for a dry basement. Find out how to keep your basement free from moisture and mold.
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23 Tips for Drying Up and Finishing Your Basement

Add some value to your home with a finished basement! Check out these tips for making sure you start with a clean, dry space and then turn your basement into an awesome rec room, family room or even add another bedroom.

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Upgrade Below Grade: How to Build Dry, Livable Basements That Customers Demand - HiBEX

Perfectly planned and installed dry concrete basements are tricky. Get it wrong, and that below-grade space could cost thousands in repair and maintenance down the road. In worst case scenarios, it could even end up making a home "unsellable". Find out how to do the job right the first time, or look at remediation if you need to.

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Is Drylok Bad For Basement Walls? (Answered!)

A dry basement is one of the keys to keeping your house safe, healthy to live in, and visually appealing. Moisture in the basement can lead to the development of mold, fungi growth, wood rot, and other problems. Combined, these issues may compromise your home’s structural stability and ruin its visual appeal. So, waterproofing the […]

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How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Wall

Cracks in concrete walls, such as those in basements, can quickly turn into larger cracks and let moisture through. Basement walls must maintain their structure; Otherwise, even the smallest amount...

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