Easy cake decorating

Learn simple and creative techniques for cake decorating to create stunning and delicious cakes. Discover easy cake decorating ideas that will impress your guests and make any occasion special.
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How to Prevent the Most Common Cake Mistakes

Trying a new recipe or different techniques can also be overwhelming, but you can avoid or prevent mistakes from happening with a solid foundation. Here I'll share with you how to avoid these common decorating mistakes.

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Tutorial: How to Add Sprinkles to the Sides of a Cake - The Party Teacher

When I made Real Crazy Cake last weekend, I didn't love the frosting and wanted to distract from it. So, I added sprinkles to the cake. This is totally do-able and a fun way to dress up a homemade cake! Here's how to add sprinkles to the sides of a cake. I researched a few

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