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Discover ways to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life. Explore top ideas to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.
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From eco-friendly tech to clean beauty to sustainable kitchen and bath products, this guide has something on your list for everyone in the family and beyond. Whether you need a green gift for a hard-to-shop-for relative, close family member or friend, you'll find the perfect eco-friendly and sustainable gift in this guide.

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Title: Easy Tips For A Sustainable Home
Easy Plastic Swaps for an Eco-Friendly Life + Home
Tips include: avoiding fast fashion, a vegetarian alternative, reusable bags, eco friendly toiletries, and reusing glass jars. 
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Are you looking for ways to be sustainable? We challenge you to choose one of these tips (or more) to add to your daily lifestyle. With the rising negative impacts of climate change, we need to change our ways to save our planet. Sustainable living is the best way to help our environment and reduce waste. Follow for more eco-friendly tips! #plasticfree #plasticswaps #ecofriendly #sustainable sustainable living for beginners | zero waste | minimalism | sustainable living ideas

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Walk the cleaning aisle of any major grocery store and you’ll find a chemical cocktail to remedy every conceivable household mess. Got a clog? Dump a bottle of solvent down the drain. Baked-on oven scum? There’s an aerosol for that. Funky smelling sports gear? “Freshen” it up with a misty veil of fresh linen fragrance. It all begs the question: what’s in this stuff, anyway? Which chemicals are we flushing into our water systems? And what fumes are we ingesting into our bodies while doing so?

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